The Mission

Welcome to the musician's cooperative webguide - by musicians, for musicians -providing the best tips on where to eat, drink, park, hang out and sleep in the UK and beyond. Share your knowledge and we need never eat service station sandwiches again!

A gig is more than just a gig, it's a way of life. Designed to help us avoid those scummy pubs and freaky B&Bs, boring high streets and alarming eateries, this site celebrates the wonderful and the tasty in our footloose and fancy-free world. Make your next random job a joyous adventure or share the discovery of Mrs Boggle's lemon drizzle cake.

We need information. We're looking for the best pubs, restaurants, tea shops, farm shops, B&Bs, drop-off points, hotels, instrument shops and repairers, caf├ęs, bars, coffee shops, car parks and wineries, as well as fun stuff to do on a day off... Tell us all your top locations: the weirder or smaller or further away the better. Simply drop us a line or fill in a form. Since we aim to list gig-friendly places, you can also add venues and help us cover everywhere from Wembley Stadium to St Mary's Church, Chipping Norton.

We want to fill our atlas with loveliness. So spread the word and share all your favourite places.

James and Susie